2 Benefits Of Having A New Standing Seam Metal Roof Professionally Installed On Your Home

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If your home's current roof is starting to look worn or allowing water to leak into the house, you may have decided that it is time to have a new one installed. Because you are looking for a material that will last longer and be able to resist adverse weather conditions over the years, you may feel that a metal roof would serve your needs better than a shingled one.

When faced with the decision as to what type of metal roof you would like on your house, you should seriously consider getting one with standing seams. Below are just a couple of the benefits of having a new standing seam metal roof professionally installed on your home.

1. Fasteners Along the Seams Are Tightly Covered

One major benefit of having a standing seam metal roof installed on your house is that the fasteners along the seams are fully protected. Unlike standard metal roofs, those with standing seams have panels that lock together at the seams by professional roofers.

The fasteners are often the first part of a metal roof to succumb to moisture, strong winds, and ultraviolet rays. With a standing seam roof, they are tightly covered to reduce their exposure to these elements.

2. Covered Seams Allow for Enough Space Between the Metal Panels

Another benefit of having a metal roof on your home with standing seams is that the metal panels do not have to be placed tightly against one another. With standard metal roofs with exposed seams, this tight placement often results in wrinkling.

As the metal expands and contracts because of exposure to rapid hot and cold temperature changes, the panels move against one another, which will cause warpage or wrinkling. Because standing seam roofs have covered seams, the roofers can allow for enough space to allow for the cycles of expansion and contractions, which can help minimize the risk of wrinkling.

If you have decided to have a metal roof installed on your house, consider choosing a standing seam one that will keep the fasteners tightly covered to reduce their wear from exposure to moisture and strong winds. The covered seams allow for enough space between the panels to minimize the risk of wrinkling from constant contraction and expansion of the metal from rapid changes in temperatures. For more information, contact a business that offers metal roof installation services to speak with someone who can provide more information and answer any questions you may have.

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