Why Foot Traffic Might Lead To Your Commercial Roof Needing To Be Replaced

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Most roofs are not designed to be walked on, and walking on a roof might cause it to become damaged. It's essential to keep your commercial property in top condition because a damaged roof can lead to further damage to your building, leading to costly repairs and even business interruption. 

Damage Caused by Foot Traffic

Commercial roofs are often used for storage or for employees to take breaks. This foot traffic can cause damage to the roof, especially if your roof is not designed to be walked on frequently. Over time, your roof may start to experience leaks and other forms of damage. It's necessary to keep your roof clear of debris and limit access to it as much as possible to prevent damage caused by foot traffic.

Lack of Maintenance

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of your roof. Conversely, foot traffic can cause more severe damage to your roof without routine inspections and repairs. 

Age-Related Damage

No roof lasts forever; over time, your commercial roof will show wear and tear. An old roof is also less able to handle foot traffic and will become damaged. You'll need to replace your roof if it is old or damaged.

How to Replace Your Commercial Roof

The first step in the commercial roof replacement process is to find an experienced roofing contractor. They'll come to your property to assess your roof's condition and provide you with an estimate of the replacement cost.

Once you've agreed on the cost and timeline for the project, the contractor will begin removing the old roof. This involves stripping the old roofing materials down to the roof's decking. From there, the contractor will inspect the decking to ensure that it's in good condition. If there are any issues with the decking, they'll replace it before installing the new roof.

The Replacement Process

After the decking is inspected and any necessary repairs are made, the next step is to install a new roofing system. This typically involves installing a layer of insulation, followed by a waterproof membrane and a layer of protective material. 

Once the new roofing system is installed, the contractor will inspect it to ensure that it's properly secured and sealed. This is an essential step in preventing leaks and ensuring that your new roof will last a long time. The commercial roof replacement process is complex and requires a professional roofing contractor. 

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