How To Restore An Asphalt Roof Damaged By Moisture

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If you do not adequately ventilate an asphalt roof or if there is excessive moisture in the attic or roof space, it can damage the roofing materials and the structure of the building. Also, if water doesn't drain properly from the roof, it can pool in certain areas and cause damage to the asphalt shingles and the roof deck. Fortunately, if your roof becomes damaged because of moisture, a roofer can perform an inspection, find out what went wrong, and help you repair your roof.

How to Get Started

First, an inspector will visit your house to assess the roof's condition. They will look for any signs of damage, such as cracks, missing shingles, or leaks. The inspector may also use a moisture meter to check for hidden water damage and mold growth.

Once they have identified the problem areas, they will provide you with a detailed report and estimate for the repair work. Next, they will measure the roof size and calculate the needed materials. After that, they can provide you with an estimate of the cost. Finally, if you agree to the terms, the work can begin.

The Repair Process

After addressing the source of the moisture, the roofer will need to repair any damage that has already occurred, which may involve repairing or replacing damaged shingles or decking and ensuring that the roof is waterproof. In some cases, removing and replacing sections of the roof may be necessary if the damage is extensive.

If water is pooling on the roof, the roofer will need to identify and address the cause of the pooling, which could be due to clogged gutters, a faulty roof drainage system, or a slope in the roof that is causing water to accumulate in certain areas. Once the roofer has addressed the cause of the pooling, they can implement a solution to prevent it from happening again, such as adding additional drainage systems or making changes to the slope of the roof.

The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

Regularly inspecting your roof is essential to avoid costly repairs or even complete roof replacement. A well-maintained roof will improve your home's energy efficiency and overall value. So, if you haven't had your asphalt roof inspected and repaired recently, it's time to schedule an appointment with a professional roofing company so your roof can last much longer and so you can avoid leaks and damage to the interior of your home.

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