4 Types Of Tiles Roofers Can Install To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

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The curb appeal of any given residential property may seem superficial, but it is actually one of the driving factors behind a home's value. Whether you are simply wanting to improve the appearance of your home for your own sake, or you are looking to sell it in the near future and want to boost its value on the market, remodeling the roof can be one of the easiest ways to do both. Take a look below to learn more about four types of tiles that roofers can install and which one might be right for your home.

Asphalt Tiles

Asphalt represents one of the greatest values in roof tile materials. Not only is it durable and easy to install, but it just so happens to be very easy on the wallet. If you aren't too concerned with having an exotic type of tile adorn your roof, asphalt may be the way to go.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are most often seen on homes that possess some kind of Mediterranean architectural influence. If your home was constructed in this style, then clay tiles are the perfect fit. While heavier and slightly more expensive than asphalt tiles, they nonetheless have a number of benefits: they are resistant to fire and inclement weather, have a significantly longer lifespan than most roofing tile materials, and don't require much maintenance.

Synthetic/Composite Tiles

Many roofing tiles are made of a variety of synthetic materials such as slate, rubber, and fiberglass, and are made to resemble other kinds of natural tiles. In terms of cost, these tiles occupy the middle ground between asphalt and clay tiles, and they happen to be both durable and lightweight, too. Composite tiles are similarly constructed, but they may not exactly resemble other materials. Nonetheless, there is a huge range of styles and colors to choose from if you are considering composite tiles.

Slate Tiles

If money is no object and you really want to make your roof stand out from the others in the neighborhood, then slate tiles will definitely help you accomplish this. While slate is among the most expensive roofing materials available to consumers, it is also considered one of the most sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing materials. If you are curious about what your home would look like with a slate roof, contact a roofing company, such as Oneida Roof & Chimney, near you who can give you more information alongside digitally rendered mock-ups.

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