3 Roof Repairs That Require A Professional

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If you are a long-time homeowner, then fixing a shingle or two on your roof is something you have likely thought about doing before. Furthermore, whatever success you may have had in other repairs around the house may lead you to believe that you can tackle almost any other repair in the future. The reality is, however, that most homeowners should think twice about doing major roofing repairs on their own. Take a look below at a list of three repairs that need to be addressed by an expert.

Leaks and Stagnant Water

Leaks are a major roofing issue that you should address as soon as you notice them. Some of the most common signs of leaks include cracked flashing, damaged shingles, and large water stains. Stagnant water on a roof — which roofers often refer to as "ponding" water — can present an even bigger problem if left untreated. Both leaks and ponding can result in structural damage that needs to be assessed and repaired by someone who has the requisite knowledge and experience.


Much like a blister that forms on a person's skin, blisters that form on roofs look like small bubbles or air pockets. They usually don't take long to form but can nonetheless signal that there are more serious problems under the surface. If you notice significant blistering — or multiple blisters that have already popped and begun to peel — then it is time to call a roofing company. They can send over professional roofers who can take a closer look, take note of any damage caused by moisture, and take steps to improve the ventilation of the structure as a whole.

Hail Damage

Hail can cause extensive damage to a roof, and in the aftermath of such terrible weather, you may want to get up on the roof and try to fix as much of the damage as you can. Attempting this, however, can easily lead to injury. Two of the most common effects of hail damage are punctured roof membranes and cracked shingles, both of which pose potential tripping or slipping hazards. In fact, after a particularly bad hailstorm, your roof may need to be entirely replaced to prevent structural damage from worsening in the future. A roofing company can easily evaluate the damage and tell you what repairs need to be performed or, in extreme circumstances, if your roof needs to be replaced entirely.

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