Why Patching A Roof Is Not Often Worth It

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When your roof loses a big patch of shingles, there are two approaches a roofer can take. They can either patch the area where the shingles are missing or damaged, or they can replace your entire roof. Unless your roof is pretty new and this is a fluke thing, you're usually better off opting for a replacement rather than a patch job. Here are a few key reasons why patching just doesn't cut it for anything other than a newer roof.

The Patch Probably Won't Match

If you do not have any spare shingles left over from your roof replacement, your roofer will have to order new shingles for the patch. The color that was used for your roof may not be available anymore. Even the closest available color may not be a perfect match. Even if you do have shingles leftover, they will likely look different than the shingles currently on your roof. The shingles on your roof will have been sun-bleached, while the spare shingles will not have been. The best way to keep your roof one uniform and attractive color is to replace the whole thing.

You Might Have a Damaged Roof Deck

Often once a patch of shingles become damaged, they start leaking, and that water penetrates into the roof deck. It damages the roof deck, leading to rot and mold. Replacing the missing shingles won't address this problem. In fact, it may make it worse since it will trap any lingering moisture against the roof deck, which can exacerbate the molding. Removing and replacing all of the shingles will give your roofer a chance to expose the roof deck, assess the damage, and repair it. This will result in fewer concerns about moisture and mold in your attic.

Your Homeowners Insurance May Not Pay For It

If the damage was caused by a storm, your homeowners insurance may pay to repair it. However, they may not agree to pay for a patch job since it could mean they have to pay for future repairs to the same area if the patch fails. Check with your homeowners insurance before you decide whether to patch or replace your roof. They often prefer to have homeowners replace it and may only pay for this approach.

If your roof is pretty new, patching it can work. But otherwise, you'd be smart to consider replacing the whole thing when lots of shingles go missing.

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