Signs Your Home's Siding Is In Need Of Replacement

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If your home is adorned with siding panels, you likely enjoy the overall aesthetics this material provides to your personal property. Over time, the siding deteriorates and there becomes a need for a complete replacement. Here are four signs that mean it is time to schedule an appointment with a roofing and siding specialist in your area for an evaluation of your panels to determine whether it is time to invest in a replacement option.

Cracks Are Noticed Within The Panels

If you have siding panels with cracks throughout them, there is a need for a full replacement of these pieces. If you fail to have them replaced, there is a tendency for moisture to make its way behind the affected panels. This causes damage to the underlying building materials your home is made of. Mold may grow, leading to excessive damage. Pests are likely to make their way through the cracked areas toward your home's interior as well.

Nails Are Rusted Or No Longer Flush

If your home's siding is nailed into place, check on the condition of the hardware often. Nails that have become rusted indicate moisture has made its way behind the siding panels. Nails that are no longer flush with the sides of your home mean that the panels have pulled away from your home's exterior. It is best to contact a roofing and siding company to assess the condition of your siding panels to determine whether replacement panels are needed.

An Odor Is Noticeable

If your home's siding panels have a foul odor emitting from them, they have likely been exposed to excessive moisture. If moisture makes its way behind the panels, it will cause mold growth to occur. Mold will then become fragrant. An evaluation is needed to eradicate any mold problems that have arisen. Afterward, new panels are installed to replace those that have deteriorated.

Pests Are A Problem

Siding that is no longer intact causes a prime location for a pest invasion to occur. If you notice insects making their way inside of your home, or if rodents are heard walking around between your walls, the siding installed upon your home may be to blame. Check for areas where creatures have burrowed their way underneath panels and have these pieces replaced in their entirety to stop the problem from continuing. The caulk holding your panels in place needs to be intact and free of flaking or chipping as well.

Contact a siding replacement service to learn more.

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