Why A Drone Is An Essential Tool When Performing A Commercial Roof Inspection

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The traditional method to inspect a large commercial roof is for workers to climb onto the roof and perform a manual inspection. If they can identify a problem, they can then fix it. However, climbing onto a commercial roof is dangerous, and some contractors have begun using drones. These can be handy tools when inspecting a large commercial roof. 

Why Your Roof Needs to Be Inspected

Commercial building owners might be familiar with a common problem known as ponding. This occurs when a flat commercial roof cannot drain properly, and a pond instead forms on the top. The roof is considered to be ponding when the water has not drained or dissipated in 48 hours. This is usually the result of the roof not sloping enough, or there might be issues with the drain. However, it isn't easy to know for sure without performing an inspection.

How a Drone Can Help

A drone is a device that can fly over the roof and take high-resolution pictures. It can hover in place to take better shots. The drones used to inspect the roof must be sophisticated, and the roofer must use specialized software for the data collected by the drone to be helpful. Therefore, a homeowner will likely be able to perform a basic inspection with a consumer-grade drone.

For example, a roofer can generate a 3D model with a drone. This allows the roofer to determine what is wrong with your commercial roof easily. 

Receive a More Accurate Quote

The drone inspection allows the commercial roofer to offer a more accurate quote on how much it will cost to repair your roof. Once you have agreed to the price, professional commercial roofers will climb onto the roof and perform a more thorough inspection. However, the process can be done more quickly because the drone footage will allow the workers to pinpoint the problem area.

Identify the Source of the Problem

The ponding issue might come from an unexpected source, such as a defective AC unit. Or, the roof might not have been constructed properly. The roof might be damaged, and the damage prevents water from flowing to the drain. Regardless of the problem, a commercial roofing contractor will be able to correct it so that your roof doesn't become even more damaged. They will perform the necessary repairs to prolong the life of your roof and you'll also protect your warranty.

Contact a local commercial roofing repair service to learn more. 

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