3 Reasons To Leave Residential Roof Maintenance To A Professional

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Replacing shingles, patching flashing, removing algae—when you think about it, there's quite a lot that goes into roof maintenance. If you're a DIY-oriented homeowner, you may be tempted to tackle all these tasks on your own. However, you should take a moment to consider your options. Here are three reasons it's often better to leave roof maintenance to a professional roofing contractor.

1. Homeowner Safety

By far, the most important reason to leave roof maintenance to a professional is for your own safety. Homeowners who aren't used to climbing on ladders or walking on their roofs could be at risk if they attempt to do so. This is especially challenging when you're working on roof maintenance or repairs at the same time.

Hazards like curled shingles or upturned roofing nails pose a risk of injury when working on your roof. Experienced roofing technicians work as a team to minimize risks and create a safe work environment during roof repairs. Allowing a reliable contractor to perform roof maintenance ensures that homeowners are at no risk of injury.

2. Quality Equipment and Materials

Household tools may work for roof maintenance in a pinch, but you aren't likely to get the same results as you would from a certified contractor. Roofing professionals have access to commercial-grade equipment that allows them to perform efficient repairs that can last for years to come. This is why many roof manufacturers require professional roof maintenance as a stipulation in their roof warranty contracts.

Furthermore, many contractors include premium shingles and other roofing materials in the cost of their service. You'll benefit from a stronger roof with better insulative properties in comparison to consumer-grade materials.

3. Prompt and Efficient Service

When it comes to roof leaks or damage, you don't have a lot of time to spare. Each minute your house has a damaged roof means more energy lost and a greater risk of roof leaks. Roofing contractors specialize in providing prompt maintenance and repairs to help customers avoid the downsides of a damaged roof.

Sometimes, attempting DIY roof inspection and maintenance can reveal new problems that homeowners aren't prepared to deal with. In other cases, it takes a trained eye to spot warning signs that point to bigger problems down the road. When you let a roofing contractor do the work, you won't get caught up in a roofing project that keeps growing in cost, complexity, and scope.

Most roofing professionals recommend roof inspections and maintenance at least twice per year. If your roof is overdue for maintenance, consider getting in touch with a local roofing contractor who offers a scheduled maintenance plan. 

For more information about roofing maintenance, contact a local company. 

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