Maintaining A Flat Roof

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If you recently purchased a home or business with a flat rooftop, you may wonder if there are actions you need to do to keep it maintained properly. Flat roofing provides a pleasing yet unique appearance to a structure. To keep your building looking its best and to keep your roof intact, perform these maintenance steps.

Check Your Roof For Pooling Water

With flat roofing, there is a potential that water will pool up on its surface. This requires you to make a few changes so the pitch of the roof, albeit small, is altered. This can be done by adding an extra layer of shingles along the middle portion of the roof so that water is directed toward the perimeter of the surface. Make sure to evaluate the condition of the top of your roof after precipitation at all intensities to determine whether you need to contact a roofing service to tend its pitch.

Keep On Top Of Debris Removal

A flat roof is prone to collecting debris easier than a roof with a visible pitch. Because items cannot roll down toward the ground, it is up to you to keep on top of the removal of debris after it falls. If your area experiences a storm or excessive wind, check that there are no branches or leaves left on your rooftop after the inclement weather ends. Keep a ladder handy so you can peek at your rooftop without delay.

Keep Gutters Clean

Gutters are necessary to help divert moisture away from your flat roof. You do not want water to slide under shingles or get the underlying roofing material saturated. Make it a priority to routinely check your gutters for the presence of debris and remove it as needed.

Hire A Service For Evaluations

It is wise to have yearly evaluations of your rooftop conducted by a professional roofing service. During an inspection, a worker will walk across the roof, checking it for areas in need of repair. This ensures that the interior of your structure is not at risk for leakage from above. If new materials are needed, they are provided and installed so your roof provides a safe covering to your structure. During an evaluation, shingles or flashing may be replaced, gutters can be cleaned for you, and waterproofing services can be conducted. Make sure to let the roofing service you contact know that you have a flat roof so they come prepared with the right tools and materials.

For more information on flat roofing, contact a company near you.

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