Frequently Asked Questions About Foam Roofing System Installation

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Spray polyurethane foam, also known as SPF, is a popular roofing option for commercial buildings or residential homes that have a low-slope or no-slope roof. There are numerous benefits associated with spray foam roofing, such as its energy efficiency, its durability, and how easy it is to care for and maintain. If you are ready to have one of these roofs installed, you may have a few questions about the installation. Here are a few of the questions that you may be seeking answers to prior to hiring a foam roofing system installation service.  

How Does a Foam Roofing System Installation Service Install a Foam Roof? 

Installing a foam roofing system is fast and easy. In fact, the SPF roof can be installed directly over your existing failing roof, or if desired, the old roofing material can be stripped away and the new SPF roof is installed over the roof decking. The first step is to spray the spray foam. The spray foam is sprayed onto your roof in an even and consistent manner. Once the foam dries, a top coat is placed over the spray foam. From there, asphalt granules can be added, if desired, for increased durability. 

What Are the Benefits of Foam Roofing System Installation? 

There are two primary benefits that foam roofing systems have when it comes to installation compared to other roofing materials. As mentioned above, spray foam can be sprayed over other roofing materials, including asphalt shingles or metal panels. This means that you do not have to strip away your old roof to install this roofing option. Secondly, SPF is fast to install and can be installed quietly. This minimizes disruptions in your commercial building or home. 

Can Weather Affect Foam Roofing System Installation? 

Spray foam insulation will not spray evenly or properly expand in freezing weather. As such, some installers will not install this type of roof if temperatures are at or below the freezing mark. However, if temperatures in your area regularly are at or below the freezing mark, an installer may invest in a drum warmer, a tool that heats the spray foam up so that it can be applied in cold weather. As a foam roofing system installation service if they have this tool if you are having your roofing installed in the winter months. 

There are numerous benefits associated with foam roofing systems, and as such, you may be looking to have one installed. If you are ready to learn more about getting an SPF roof installed, or you are looking to obtain an estimate for an SPF roof, reach out to a foam roofing system installation service today to learn more. 

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