Should You Install A Solar Tube On Your Roof?

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Are you in the process of installing a new roof, and you want to use it as an opportunity to get more light into your home? If so, you may be considering solar tubes. Before you ask your roofing contractor more about solar tubes, it will help to know some of the advantages and disadvantages of having them. 

Advantages Of Solar Tubes

When it comes to solar tubes, know that they are going to be relatively affordable when compared to a skylight. This means that adding more light to a hallway or bathroom can be practical to do without breaking your roofing budget. 

Solar tubes are also a very reliable way to add light to your home. They are a large component that penetrates your roof, but there is no opening for water to get in. This makes it a reliable way to bring in light without worrying about a leak. The same cannot be said of skylights that open, which have seals that can fail. 

The installation of a solar tube is also easy when compared to a skylight. While you may think this doesn't matter because you are not installing the solar tube, it helps cut down on your overall labor costs. There is also flexibility when it comes to where a solar tube is installed, as the tube going into your home is a bit flexible. The same cannot be said of a skylight. 

Disadvantages Of Solar Tubes

You'll likely be focused on how much light comes into your home through a solar tube, and if there is anything you can do to bring more light in. Unfortunately, there are not many options for solar tubes when compared to skylights. Solar tubes are a simple opening that allows light in, and there is no way to really control the light that enters the home. In comparison, skylights often have blinds and ways to let partial light in, and a much bigger size that brings in more light. 

A solar tube also has a very basic look that you may not be a fan of. It doesn't look like a window, which is what you get with a skylight. The shape in your ceiling is going to be circular. It looks almost like a bulb light fixture, which does not stand out in a good way as a skylight will. 

Reach out to a roofing contractor for more information about solar tubes. 

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