Roof Repair: 4 Reasons You Should Always Fix Broken Or Loose Shingles

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Damaged shingles generally look unappealing, but the real problem goes much deeper than the looks. Before you ignore your damaged roof shingles, it is important to understand the consequences of failing to schedule timely roof repair services. This piece will help you understand the importance of hiring a roofer to repair or replace loose and cracked shingles.

1. Prevent Water Damage

Cracked or loose shingles create tiny spaces for moisture to seep into the inner layers of the roof. If left unaddressed, moisture seeping under the roof can cause mold growth, leaks, and wood rot. This leads to fast deterioration of your roofing system and adjacent house structures like the siding and fascia. Mold poses significant health hazards to your family. Therefore, it is important to schedule a routine roof inspection. The roofer will identify loose or cracked shingles and fasten them. Broken shingles should be replaced immediately to prevent leaks and prevent damage.

2. Maintain Energy Efficiency

Your roofing system helps maintain conducive indoor temperatures. However, if you have cracked, missing, or loose shingles, these spaces might allow warm or cool air to escape the house. As a result, you would need to run your furnace or cooling system throughout to maintain desired indoor temperatures. Therefore, your energy bills will go up due to the high energy consumption by the HVAC system. Repairing damaged shingles on time helps make your house more energy efficient.

3. Boost Your Property Value

As highlighted earlier, broken shingles are unsightly and could affect your home's curb appeal. Potential home buyers are often attracted to beautiful properties. Roof issues like missing shingles can turn potential home buyers away and reduce your property value in the market.

Damaged shingles are also red flags because potential buyers might think you rarely maintain the house and are likely to find more structural issues. Therefore, before listing your house on the market, consider asking your roofer to fix loose and damaged shingles to get better offers.

4. Pest Infestation

Critters always look for ideal grounds to set up nests, breed, and raise offspring. Unfortunately, loose or damaged shingles allow pests to access your home. The critters will cause destruction, such as burrowing into the wood and destroying your furniture. Therefore, contact a reliable roofing contractor to get the roofing damage repaired on time.

As shown above, loose or broken shingles can affect the value of your home, cause water damage, reduce energy efficiency, and lead to pest infestation. Therefore, fix the damage as soon as you discover them to prevent these issues. 

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