Things That Could Cause Damage To Your Commercial Roof

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Running a business can be quite demanding. But as a crucial component of a building, the roof should be one of your top priorities. For instance, you should hire commercial roof inspection services routinely to minimize common roofing issues. Besides that, learning the probable causes of roof damage enables you to care for your roof better and schedule timely repairs. Learn more about factors that can ruin your roof below. 

Consistent Strong Winds

Strong winds adversely affect the roof, no matter how strong or well-installed it is. In fact, this can be a primary reason for the untimely roof replacement. Usually, the effects of fierce winds are more adverse on aged roofs, damaging the flashing, membrane, and seams. Strong winds can also lift the vents and chimney caps, causing your roof to leak. So if your region is constantly hit by frequent wind storms, investing in regular commercial roof inspections is crucial. 

Punctures or Penetrations

Some commercial equipment, such as the HVAC unit, is installed on the roof. And usually, the installers have to come back for maintenance. Unfortunately, too many trips to the rooftop can leave your roof punctured. You risk voiding your warranty with such a roof. With that said, you still need to hire a roofer for immediate sealing. Additionally, including a walking path can help minimize future occurrences. 

Pooling Water

Rainwater can accumulate on your commercial flat roof due to a clogged drain or poor DIY installations. The longer you ignore the situation, the more you expose your roof to extensive damage. That is because the water will seep in and weaken the structure, and sooner or later, it will start leaking. Sometimes your commercial roof can leak due to appliances installed on it. For example, if your HVAC system is clogged, it will cause water to stagnate on your roof. So, you should have it fixed first before solving the roofing issue.

Poor or No Maintenance

Don't wonder why you keep experiencing commercial roofing problems if you barely give it any attention. Usually, the roof shows early signs of deterioration, indicating it's time for repair. For instance, a stained ceiling means you have an undiscovered leak that needs urgent attention. Otherwise, the leak will grow bigger with time leading to even more expensive repairs. Routine professional care helps unveil hidden roofing issues, which is why you ought to partner with a roofing contractor. 

Keep an eye on any of the above commercial roof problems and take immediate action before they grow into something major. Also, you should avoid DIY solutions as much as possible and instead hire a reputable roofing contractor for your roofing needs. For more information, contact a company such as Atlas Roofing & Construction.

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