What Type Of Metal Roofs Are Available?

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Metal has been used for roofing for a very long time. Metal is a durable material and is known for its longevity. However, there are several types of metal roofs you can choose from. It's important to discuss each type with a metal roofing contractor like Alliance Exteriors before you settle on one.

Exposed Fastener Panels

The exposed fastener panel is one of the most common types of metal roofs because it is considered to be very economical. This type of roof involves several overlapping panels that are held in place by fastener heads. The fastener head is considered to be exposed because it is clearly visible. While the fasteners are visible, they are the same color as the panel and are not as visible as a result.

Hidden Fastener Panels

Hidden fastener panels are more expensive but are also more aesthetic because the fastener is not visible at all. This type of roof is also much more durable. This type of roof also provides more security.

Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofs are considered to be more premium than other types of roofs because they are a more sophisticated type of roof that is better designed. However, this type of roof is popular because the appearance seems to be much sleeker. This type of roof is also considered more weatherproof and will last a long time.


Max-rib is another type of metal roof that is more affordable. However, this type of metal roof is also very aesthetic. Because this type of roof panel is very common, there are many types of coatings that are offered with this type of roof. 


If you would like your roof to resemble other materials, you should consider having a stamped metal roof installed. Combined with the right paint, this type of roof can look like other types of roofs such as slate. However, this type of roof can sometimes be less watertight. This is especially the case for roofs that are shake-inspired.


Metal shingles can come in the shape of a tile and resemble other types of roofs such as clay and slate tiles. They can be easy to install and very affordable. You will be able to enjoy the visual benefits of a tile roof while also enjoying the practical benefits of a metal roof. However, there might be many other options available and you'll always want to discuss this with a metal roofing contractor before you make your decision.

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