Roof Repairs For Faulty Guttering

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One of the leading reasons residential and business property owners face roof repairs is due to guttering. If the guttering is installed without the proper steps in place, you can cause roof damage later on. These repairs may deal with one section of roofing or the entire roof in more severe cases. Here are a few of the roof repairs that may be necessary due to your guttering and what to know about each repair. 

Cracking and Splintering

One of the issues you may notice from improper guttering installation is cracking and splintering. This is due to two issues. The first is when the guttering supports are not maintained or not the proper weight class for the gutters. As the gutters become heavier with rain or debris they will pull on the supports. The supports, which are usually drilled and nailed or screwed in place, will begin to pull on the wood. As they do, splintering and cracking occur. These issues need to be fixed as soon as possible, which may include new guttering placement and installation. 

Sagging Overhangs

You may believe that guttering sagging only affects the gutter themselves. This misconception is likely due to the first thing you see as a homeowner. The first sign of sagging issues with your guttering, that are affecting your overhangs, is with sagging in the metal of the gutter itself. You may notice slight bending or even severe curvatures. This is just the most noticeable part of the sagging. The overhangs of your roof where the guttering is attached are also sagging. This sagging can pull on the wood, loosen beams of the roof, loosen shingles, and cause wood rot that will seep into your attic space. 

Pest Burrowing

Pests are not something you may think of when you think of guttering-related damage to your roofing. The truth is burrowing pests will find the holes, cracks, and sagging openings created by the guttering. They will then burrow into these areas and create homes that are safe from the environment. Depending on the type of bug, you may simply need a removal, such as wasps and wasps nests. However, it could grow more severe and allow termites to burrow, which will cause costly damage to your roof. 

Keep in mind, these roof repairs are avoidable. By having your guttering installed by a qualified roofing contractor, you can reduce the chances of wood rot and breakage caused by the guttering. If you have guttering work, installation needs, or want your guttering inspected, contact a home roofing services contractor. They can help you with these issues and answer any questions you have.

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