Benefits Of Installing A Wood Burning Fireplace

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As a homeowner, you may decide you want a fireplace. You may also decide you want this fireplace to be operable regardless of your power situation. This means looking at options that are more traditional than electric or gas models. One of these options is to go with a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Here are a few of the benefits of wood-burning fireplaces. 

Power Outage Availability

A leading benefit of wood-burning fireplaces deals with power. When your power goes out, you will likely have no option to keep your house warm if you are using traditional electric power sources. If you have gas as a heating source, you may have issues during power outages as well since some of the equipment may require an initial power switch to turn the equipment on and access the gas heating unit. If you experience cold weather along with numerous power outages, then you may want to consider wood-burning fireplaces. These use wood as fuel and do not require electrical switches or other related power resources. This means you can stay warm even during harsh cold weather conditions. 

Reduced Fuel Costs

When you choose a wood-burning fireplace, you are choosing the option of lower fuel costs. You will not need to purchase any sort of fuel for the fireplace. You can use natural resources or purchase pre-cut wood or timber. If you have a large property that has substantial tree coverage, you can reduce the fuel costs even more. This means you may need only a small amount of fire starter fuel versus a full season of fuel pellets or liquid fuel. 

Reduced Heating Costs

You may have electric power as a power source in your home. This can mean high heating costs throughout the colder winter months. If you do not have high-quality insulation or if you have an older HVAC system, you may be dealing with issues maintaining the proper temperature throughout the home. This can overwork your HVAC system and raise your heating bill. With a wood-burning fireplace, you can maintain a comfortable temperature without concern for overworking your HVAC system or increasing your electrical heating costs. 

If you think a wood-burning fireplace is ideal for your home, contact your local roofing contractor. They can discuss your fireplace installation options, ensure you want a wood-burning fireplace, and discuss the process of erecting a chimney and proper connections for a safe fireplace option. They can also discuss possible conversion options if you decide to convert to a gas or electric option later.

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