Skylight Problems Roofing Contractors Can Fix For Homeowners

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Skylights are important systems for a lot of residential properties because of the natural light they bring in. They can face a couple of problems over the years that need to be handled by a professional roofing contractor. Here are several in particular.


One of the more common problems that happens to skylights — especially older systems — is leaking. Water may be getting in somewhere and causing severe damage to structures. You need a qualified roofing contractor present to identify the source of the leak.

It could be the weatherstripping or flashing that's around the skylights causing them to leak water. A roofing contractor will make a thorough assessment and then see what can be done to seal the leak up permanently. Most of the time, repairs can be performed instead of having to find completely new skylights.

Efficiency Issues

If your skylights weren't set up properly in the beginning or materials have just broken down over time, energy-efficiency issues can eventually surface. Cool and warm air may escape from the skylights on your roof, causing HVAC equipment to work extremely hard.

A roofing contractor can figure out how air is escaping the skylights by performing a thorough inspection. If they see that your skylights are causing heating and cooling loss, they can put together effective solutions like insulating the skylights better or repositioning your skylights completely. You'll be kept up to date the entire way regardless.

Cracked Materials

Whether your skylights are made of glass or some type of acrylic plastic, cracking can happen at some point. If it happens to skylights on your roof, then you'll most likely have to replace them entirely. That's a lot easier to do when a roofing contractor steps in and helps.

They can remove existing skylight materials on your roof in an effective and non-damaging manner. Then they'll prep the surrounding areas to make way for the new skylights being set up. Once this setup is complete, the contractor will go back through to make sure they have a watertight seal that's going to hold up to your area's climate.

Having skylights on your roof may give you some more light on the inside of your home, but there are problems with them that you need to stay on top of. You can take the right repair approach each time by consulting with a roofing contractor and finding out what solutions are necessary. 

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