4 Warning Signs That You Need To Invest In Roof Replacement

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Roofs can be difficult to assess, especially if you don't know what to look for when assessing a roof's condition. Roof wear and tear is often out of sight unless you look for it. This means you need to be vigilant when checking the condition of your roof. If you can spot the warning signs early, you can replace your roof before it starts to affect the rest of your home negatively.

A roof can last anywhere from 20-50 years, depending on its material. But exposure to harsh weather and heat and cold can reduce that lifespan. If you think you may need to replace your roof, look out for the following warning signs.

1. Sagging

One of the clearest warning signs of a failing roof is a sagging roofline. A new roof with new materials and good workmanship will have no visible sagging. If a roof sags in places, this indicates that moisture has penetrated the roof and reached the decking, where it has started to cause wood rot. And if you see signs of tile deterioration in the area of the sagging, this indicates a serious issue.

If your roof sags in places, call a roofing company immediately. Sagging roofs are in danger of collapsing, especially in bad weather or heavy downpours.   

2. Roof Rot

Roofs have many enemies, but moisture is the worst of all. Once a roof can no longer prevent moisture from entering your home, serious damage can steadily occur over time. To enter your home through your roof though, moisture needs to bypass your roof's tiles and underlayment. If your tiles and underlayment have deteriorated badly, moisture can then seep into your roof.

If you notice mold or mildew in your attic and on your home's ceilings, moisture is probably penetrating your roof. You may also find that your attic insulation is wet and that the air smells musty, like mold. A roof that can't keep moisture out may need replacing.

3. Visibly Damaged Shingles

When shingles fail, you lose the first line of defense for your roof. One of the most common roofing materials in the U.S. is asphalt shingles. These shingles have a layer of coarse granules on them, which help to protect your roof and home from the sun's rays. So, one of the first major signs that your shingles have failed is when you begin to find mineral granules in your gutter and on the ground.

Without their granules, harsh sunlight can cause shingles to crack and curl. This then reduces the shingles' ability to keep moisture out of your home. Mold and algae will soon begin to appear in areas of your roof where the shingles are failing badly. If your roof shingles can no longer keep your roof dry, you may soon need to replace your roof.

4. Interior Leaks

The most obvious sign that you might need to hire someone to replace your roof is interior leaks. If water leaks into your home on rainy days, then your roof is no longer capable of keeping water out of your home. In minor cases, a small repair job can fix a leaky roof. But if your roof leak is accompanied by one or more of the previously mentioned warning signs, the damage is major.

Sometimes, the damage to a roof is so major that simple repairs just won't do. You'll need a professional roofing service to replace the damaged shingles, underlayment, flashing, and decking if you want to prevent further damage from occurring inside your home.

Is your roof warning you that it can no longer keep out the elements? Then now is the time for roof replacement. Seek out a roofing company, like Select Exteriors, near you before your roof deteriorates any further.

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