Are You Thinking Of Repairing Your Roof? 3 Mistakes Commonly Made By DIYers

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As years pass by, your previously strong and attractive roof will begin to wear down. The shingles will darken and curl up, while the ceiling will start staining and sagging due to leaks. When you see these signs of wear and tear, you ought to execute repairs quickly before the situation escalates into something more serious and costly. 

At this point, most homeowners are usually torn between hiring a roofer and DIY. Generally, fixing a roof is not a walk in the park, especially if you do not have the right skills and tools for the job. Not only do you risk harming yourself, but the outcome may not be satisfactory. Additionally, you are bound to make the following mistakes if you are not experienced in roofing. 

You Might Overdo the Layers

Your roofer can opt to fix your damaged roof by installing new shingles on top of the worn-out ones. Doing this stops the existing problem and adds an extra layer of protection. While this is an effective repair technique, experienced roofers avoid overdoing it as doing this can cause additional issues. 

But if you are an amateur, you may not have this kind of knowledge, so you might end up overdoing the layers. Eventually, you will create a heavy roof that could cave in at any moment. For this reason, it is best to leave roof repairs to experts.

You May Apply the Wrong Repair Method

To apply the correct repair method, you should first determine the true cause of the problem. Otherwise, your approach might end up being a temporary solution that won't last long. For example, it is easy to assume that the shingles are curled up because of old age. And so, your solution would be to replace them. 

However, curled shingles mostly result from poor ventilation in the attic. Subsequently, the air gets trapped in the decking leading to mold growth. The singles will also moisten and begin to curl up. So unless you fix the ventilation issue in the attic first, replacing the curled shingles might not effectively solve the problem.

You May Not Follow Roofing Regulations

In some areas, you need a permit from the local authorities before doing a roof repair. But few people know about these rules and regulations. Failure to get authorization can get you into trouble with the relevant authorities and your insurance company as well. But you can avoid these issues by hiring a professional roofer for your repairs. 

Roof repair is not something to be taken lightly. To avoid making any of the mistakes mentioned above or if you do not feel confident enough to do the job by yourself, call a roof repair company to get it done right.

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