Having Your Roof Replaced? Kick Things Up A Notch With These Ideas

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When your home needs a new roof, you could just replace the existing roof with a new one made from similar shingles. But what if you want to transform your home or improve it? As it turns out, there are a lot of extra, little things you can have done along with your roof replacement in order to give your home a new, updated look. Here are some options to talk about with your roofers.


Skylights are basically windows in your roof. They can bring ambiance into the interior of your home. You may want one installed over your bedroom or even over your living room. This is something to discuss with your roofer if you're already having your roof replaced. Many roofers install skylights, and those who don't will work with a window installation company to accommodate your request. Installing a skylight in an intact roof is a lot harder than installing one while your roof is already being replaced, so if you think you'll ever want a skylight, this is the time. 

Solar Roofing

If you think you may ever want to put solar panels on your roof, talk to your roof installer about them before you have your new roof put in place. Solar panels can only be mounted on certain types of roofing. If your roofer knows you might want solar panels in the future, they'll make sure they install a type of roofing that is compatible with the panels. They may also recommend that you consider solar shingles. These are solar-collecting devices that look like ordinary shingles, but that actually generate electricity. They cost quite a bit more than ordinary shingles, but if you're already replacing your roof, now is the time to at least consider them.

Green Roofing

Have you ever wished your roof could be more eco-friendly? Talk to your roofer about green roofing. Green roofs are roofs that are planted with living flowers or grasses. Sometimes, succulents are used. The roof then absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and emits oxygen. You don't have to have your entire roof planted; some people just have a small section designed in this way. But the time to do it is when you're already having your roof replaced.

Roof replacement gets a lot more exciting when you start exploring various alternatives and options. Your roofer should be pleased to discuss these and other ideas with you.

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