5 Signs Of Hail Damage On Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs are less likely to suffer hail damage when compared to other roofing types, but they aren't necessarily immune. Know the types of damage so you can schedule repairs if you spot a problem following a storm.

1. Flashing Leaks

Flashing is typically made of a thin aluminum, a much thinner metal than that actually used to shingle the roof. It's installed around chimneys and vents. There is also rubber flashing boots on some aspects of the roof, usually around plumbing vents. Hail can badly damage flashing, causing dents, cracks, and even punctures. Replacement of the damaged flashing is the only way to fix the problem. 

2. Dents

Although a metal roof isn't as likely as other roofing systems to suffer punctures from hailstones, it can get badly dented. Dents alone don't pose a danger to your home, at least not immediately. The metal may eventually begin to rust if the paint and coatings were damaged by the hail, so over time leaks may form. If you aren't concerned about the dents, then repainting and coating the roof is sufficient repair. If you are concerned about aesthetic issues caused by dents, then replacing the damaged metal panels is necessary. 

3. Fastener Failure

Most metal roof panels are held in place with a special screw and washer grommet system that ensures a good seal against leaks. Hail can cause fasteners to pop out or it may damage the seals around the screws. A hail repair service will check every fastener and replace any that are damaged before roof leaks have a chance to infiltrate into your home. Catching failed fasteners immediately following the storm will prevent most leak concerns. 

4. Vent Damages

The metal roofing panels aren't the only part of a roof to be concerned about following hail. Rooftop vents and piping, such as chimneys, plumbing pipes, and ridge vents, can all suffer hailstone damage. Loose caps can allow moisture and pests into the home, for example, or damaged venting may not work properly. An inspection is needed so damage can be found and repaired.

5. Coating Issues

Metal roofs are often treated with special coatings that are designed to protect the metal, provide additional UV protection, and diminish aging. Hail can cause damage to these coatings, often in the form of hairline cracks that aren't easily visible from the ground. If left alone, water seeps into the cracks and the coating eventually begins to peel. Damage repair services can reapply coatings before this happens.

Contact a roof hail damage repair service to have your metal roof assessed following a hailstorm.

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