Roofing Repairs Needed For A Bad Pipe Boot

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Your roof may have multiple vent pipes that pass through the roof. You can see them when you look at the roof, but you may not give them much thought. These vents are essential for your home's plumbing to function properly, but they can pose problems for your roof if they start leaking. Here's why vent pipes are a leak threat for your roof and the roofing repairs needed when a leak develops around the pipe.

Vent Pipes Have A Rubber Boot That Can Deteriorate

Vent pipes have rubber boots on the bottom that keep rain from rolling down the sides of the pipe and dripping in the attic. Exposure to the sun causes rubber to deteriorate over the years. If the boot cracks or crumbles, it creates an opening for rain to leak through.

The bottom part of a vent boot is rubber or metal flashing. The flashing is designed to keep rain from leaking around the pipe, but it can wear down over time. The metal could develop a hole from rust, or nails could back out and allow the flashing to get loose. When a vent boot is loose or damaged, call a roofing repair contractor to fix the problem, or your attic and roof could sustain water damage.

Roofing Repairs Needed For A Pipe Boot Leak

Fixing a leak caused by a bad rubber boot is a fairly common type of roofing repair. The roofer has to check under the shingles around the leaky boot to see if rain has seeped through and caused the deck to rot. If shingles or the deck have water damage, the damaged parts have to be removed and replaced.

A cracked or crumbled boot has to be replaced too. If the flashing around the boot is just missing nails, the nails can be replaced, but if the flashing is damaged, the entire boot has to be replaced.

The flashing and rubber boot are all one piece. The boot is pulled down over the pipe so the rubber collar has a tight fit that keeps rain out. The flashing is a large square piece of metal or rubber that rests on the roof. This is attached with adhesive and nails.

The rubber parts of your roof will wear out quicker than the shingles or metal parts, so a roofer might have to replace a boot on your roof when your roof has aged. Replacing a pipe boot isn't too difficult, and it's a roofing repair that shouldn't be put off because water leaking in your attic can do a lot of damage.

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