5 Things That Impact Roof Shingle Choice

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Shingling your roof may be a straight forward process, but some of the decisions required must be weighed carefully. A roof can last for decades, so you want to make the right shingle choice. Here are some things to consider.

1. Longevity

How long do you need the shingles to last? If you have no plans to move, the best option is a shingle variety that has a long lifespan or lower ongoing maintenance needs – even if the initial cost is a bit higher. If you are selling the home in a couple of years, though, less expensive shingles with a shorter expected life may be all that is necessary. 

2. Color Matching

Matching colors only matters if you won't be replacing the entire roof or if there are outbuildings on the property, such as a detached garage, that isn't getting new shingles at the same time as the main house. Shingle colors are sometimes discontinued, which can make perfectly matching colors more difficult. In this case, you must determine whether to use a close match or to opt for a differing color that complements the old. 

3. Weather Concerns

Rain, snow, and extreme temperatures can all affect the longevity of your new shingles. Fortunately, there are varieties available to resist most types of weathering. For example, those with additional moisture seal can be chosen in extremely wet climates, while UV resistant shingles may be needed in areas with lots of sun and high temperatures. Your roofer can help direct you to some of the best types of shingles for your particular climate region. 

4. HOA Restrictions

If you live in a neighborhood governed by a homeowner's association (HOA), then there may be some limits on restrictions when it comes to shingle choice. Most HOA limitations provide a series of approved colors, but some may be more limiting and require that specific shingle styles or even brands are used. Always check with the HOA bylaws and restrictions before finalizing your new shingle choice. 

5. Ecological Options

There are a few options if you want your roof to be a bit greener. Recycled asphalt or plastic shingles are a possibility. These help keep materials out of the landfill while still providing quality roofing. Lighter color shingles are also considered eco-friendly as they reflect heat and help avoid urban heat sinks. Let your roofer know you want environmentally friendly shingles and they can help guide you to the most effective choices. 

Contact a roofing shingle replacement contractor for further assistance with your new roof needs. 

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