Commercial Flat Roof Problems & Repairs

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An aspect of keeping a business running is to take care of the actual building along with attracting new customers and making a satisfactory profit. Caring for the building is a task that is sometimes not done as thoroughly as it should, such as by not paying attention to minor roof problems. The most likely reason for minor roof problems to be overlooked is due to business owners not being in the habit of performing occasional inspections on it. Sometimes it's difficult to notice minor problems without actually walking around the roof and searching for them, and it is safer to hire a professional to do this task. This article details some of the issues that a commercial flat roof might have that a business owner might overlook, as well as how a roofer can make repairs.

Rainwater Remains on the Roof

A common problem that comes along with a business having a flat roof is for rainwater to remain on it for a long time. However, such a problem will usually only occur if there is something making it difficult for the water to drain away. For example, if there are not drain outlets on the roof due to unprofessional installation, it is a reason for rainwater to pond on it. A roofer is able to resolve the problem by installing drains or by repairing or cleaning them out if they are already installed. If a flat roof isn't built with a slight slope, it can also lead to ponding water.

Loose or Missing Roofing Materials

Another problem that might occur is for the materials to become loose on a flat roof, as with other types of roofs. Foot traffic is one of the things that can lead to materials getting loose, such as from contractors walking on it to make air-conditioning repairs. Bad weather can also lead to the materials becoming loose or flying completely off of the roof. A roofer can assist with repairing your roof by securing any materials that have become loose. They can also install new materials if it is necessary due to them being taken off by the wind.

An Excessive Amount of Wear & Tear

When a roof has been exposed to a lot of bad weather, it can become worn out beyond repair. It is likely that the roof will have to be completely reconstructed in such a situation. Normal wear and tear can also lead to reconstruction being necessary, such as if the roof has been around for decades. A commercial roofer will inform you if a repair or complete reconstruction is ideal.

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