5 Benefits Of Fiber Cement Siding

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Fiber cement siding is made of concrete mixed with wood fibers. The result is an attractive siding option that can take the place of wood, vinyl, and metal options on the home. In fact, fiber cement provides many benefits that exceed those of other siding material choices. 

1. Durability

When it comes to longevity, few siding materials will do as well as fiber cement. This durable material can't be damaged by hail, water, or general weathering like most other siding choices. In fact, it will likely be the last siding you need to buy as it can last decades with minimal maintenance and no damages. There's no need to worry about rot or decay since the material isn't prone to these common issues. 

2. Fire Resistance

Fire resistance is also a plus, but it is especially important if you live in an area prone to wildfires or in a neighborhood with closely placed homes that are more at risk if a fire breaks out. Fiber cement isn't combustible, which means you don't have to worry about an errant ember setting the walls alight. This resistance also means that it doesn't melt like vinyl siding, so there are no worries about a hot grill near the house leading to damages. 

3. Termite-Proof

In areas where termites are a major risk, fiber cement is the optimum choice for a termite-proof home exterior. There are no accessible wood fibers to attract the pests, so your siding is safe from their depredation. It's not just termites, either. Fiber cement won't attract any wood-eating insects, such as carpenter ants, which means fewer worries about the safety of your home. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

If a green option is important to you, then fiber cement fits the bill. First and foremost, less siding will end up landfilled in the long run simply because fiber cement will last a lifetime. Further, there are no toxins used in the production of fiber cement, and the materials are natural and won't lead to chemical or plastic waste at any time in the future. 

5. Curb Appeal

The siding panels can be painted any color desired, and you can repaint them at will whenever you want to give your home a facelift or color change. The panels themselves are attractive, with the option of smooth panels or those that are manufactured with the texture of wood siding. There is also a choice of styles, so finding the best fit for your home is a breeze. 

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