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Would You Be a Roofer? Some people work as roofers for a summer or two. Others become lifelong devotees to the profession. Those who commit to roofing as a long-time profession really take the time to learn the details. Not only do they learn how to put roofs in place, but they also learn quite a lot about various roofing materials. This equips them to make good recommendations to homeowners who are looking for the right roof. We will also make some recommendations and tell you a bit more about roofers on this blog. While we are not roofers ourselves, we know a lot about the profession and are always happy to share.





As a homeowner, you will need to maintain your home's roof and know when to repair or replace it. Keep reading to learn more about residential roofs, what it takes to keep yours in good shape, and how to spot times when you need professional help for repairs or replacement. 

Your roof should be cleaned

Unfortunately, some people don't realize that they should be occasionally having their roofs cleaned. Many roofers will suggest having your roof professionally cleaned about every ten or so years, while nearly all of them will tell you that it is important to have it cleaned when you spot collections of dirt, leaves, debris, and especially when you see the presence of algae. Having it cleaned can help you get many more years out of your roof, while also preventing leaks and cracks. Roof cleaning can even help to decrease your heating and cooling expenses. 

Your gutters need to be kept clear of debris

Your gutters need to be free of debris whether you have them cleaned out regularly or have gutter guards installed on them. Even with gutter guards in place, you are still going to want to check on things regularly to look for dents, gaps, and any other visible problems. Should you find any, the damages need to be repaired or the gutters replaced. 

Your roof should be inspected after certain occurrences

Not only should you be having your roof inspected on a yearly basis, but it should also be done any time you have reason to be concerned. For example, if you have had a hail storm pass through the area and damage a lot of things, then you know there is a chancethat the roof also sustained damage. 

This is the same thing with a storm with high winds. Also, if you see anything that looks like it may be damaged or you notice a shingle in the yard that may or may not be from your roof, then have someone come inspect so you know what's going on up there and that you are taking the necessary steps to keep your roof in good shape. 

If you find a damp area in your home or there are stains on the ceiling you've never noticed before, then this is another example of a time when it would be a good idea to make sure things are checked out just in case you have a leak going on.

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