Commercial Roofing: Why You Need Roof Coatings For Commercial Buildings

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The roof over your commercial facility requires comprehensive maintenance to extend its lifespan. Luckily, there are innovative commercial roofing applications that prevent leaks and early deterioration. If you're a facility manager, you need to evaluate the benefits of roof coatings before calling a roofer.

Indeed, your commercial roofing system can function without coatings. But you can't ignore solutions that enable you to save on repairs or eventual roof replacement. Surprisingly, these coatings can restore the functionality of the existing roof while enhancing energy efficiency. Here are reasons why you need roof coatings for your commercial roofing.

They're Cost-Effective

Applying roof coatings is safe and affordable. Your trusted roofer doesn't have to install new padding for the coat. It's easy to coat the existing roof with minimal preparation. The roofer can install the coating layer fast and efficiently. This reduces the cost of labor significantly. 

If your roof has signs of weakness, you don't have to budget for an overhaul. These coatings reinforce the existing layer, and they save you the money you'd have spent to tear the roof and send it to a landfill.

Coatings Seal Roof Leaks

A commercial roofing system is susceptible to damage from the elements or impact. If you notice that some sections are leaking, you should call a skilled roofer to apply hardy coatings. Foam or silicone coatings fill up crevices and cracks to plug leaks. It's advisable to have the roofer inspect the weak roof section to determine the underlying cause. If the damage is negligible, coatings can protect your interiors from water damage and mold growth.

They Offer UV Protection

If your commercial roof handles excess sun rays, the effect of UV rays can trigger roof weaknesses. Fortunately, you can opt for silicone coatings to recover the roof's functionality. Silicone coatings withstand the effects of UV exposure over an extended duration. When you apply appropriate roof coatings, they can handle scorching rays and the effects of hot temperatures.

Disruption-Free Installation

Applying coating systems doesn't require you to shut operations or work at night. You can apply coating systems and run your normal operations simultaneously. The application process is quiet and doesn't emit harmful fumes or odors. This eliminates the downtime and disruption that come with a fully-fledged commercial roofing replacement project.

Extends Roof Lifespan

Acrylic, silicone, or asphalt roof coatings prevent damage from the elements, impact, and attrition. When you hire a roofer to coat your commercial roofing system, it seals cracks and pinholes that cause gradual roof depreciation. Professionally installed coatings guarantee a longer life for your roof and substantial savings. For more information, contact a commercial roofing company. 

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