4 Signs Of Roof Damage That Aren't That Obvious

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Some signs of roof damage are obvious, such as lots of missing shingles; however, there are less obvious signs of roof damage as well that you should be aware of. These less obvious signs of roof damage can be just as severe as more apparent signs of roof damage.

#1: Random Nails

The nails in your roof are designed to stay in place. They should not pop out. If you have nails that are coming out, and you are starting to find random nails on your roof or on the ground around the outside edge of your home, that is a sign that your roof is pushing out nails, which generally occurs when your roof has experienced some type of damage.

#2: Shingle Granules

When you clean your gutters, pay attention to what is inside of your gutters. If you notice lots of shingle granules in your gutters, that is a sign that your shingles are deteriorating and they are losing their protective coating. Your shingles will not be able to protect your home as they should when they are missing granules. This is a strong sign you need to replace your shingles.

#3: Whistling Sounds

When you are inside your home, if you hear a strange whistling sound or feel like you can feel airflow somewhere where you shouldn't, that can be a sign that you have roof damage. It doesn't take severe damage to create this effect. Even minor damage can damage the seal your roof creates with your home, resulting in unexpected air into your home. If you notice whistling sounds or unexpected airflow, get your roof inspected immediately so the damage can be identified and fixed.

#4: Black Spots

When you look at your roof, the color should be consistent throughout. If you notice black spots, that usually means something is growing on your roofs, such as mold or algae. It can grow on your roof because there is moisture trapped there. You will want to work with a roofing professional to kill whatever is growing on your roof and address the moisture issue that led to its growth to prevent it from growing further.

If you notice any of the not-so-obvious signs above, you will want to call in a roofing professional to assist you with addressing the issue and getting your roof back to full strength. Random nails and shingles are signs of serious wear, whistling sounds mean damage, and black spots mean moisture damage — all need to be addressed immediately by a roofing contractor

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