Is Your Residential Roof Unsafe for Your Family? 3 Signs It Is Time for a Roof Replacement

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As a property owner, the last thing you would want to hear is that your residential roof has collapsed on your loved ones and belongings. A roof collapse is a dangerous accident that can leave your loved ones severely injured, disabled, or even dead. It may also cause damage to your house and other valuables, leading to huge financial losses.

Luckily, when your residential roof is unsafe for your loved ones or on the verge of collapsing, you can notice signs of distress if you are paying attention. When you see any sign of damage, you need to have your roof evaluated by an experienced roofing contractor to determine whether it needs repair or replacement. If the damage is unrepairable, it's imperative to have your roof replaced by a professional before a disaster occurs. Here are three critical signs that will help you know when your home needs a roof replacement:

Your Aged Roof Is Producing Creaking or Popping Sounds

Your roof's internal structure may be compromised if it produces creaking, popping, or other unusual sounds. If your roofing structure is more than two decades old, its lifespan may be coming to an end if you start noticing this problem. This problem may occur when your roof's frames are weak or rotten. In severe scenarios, the roof may collapse when high winds hit your house. Therefore, when you notice this sign, it's advisable to hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof for damage. You might need a roof replacement if the cause of the creaking or popping sounds is beyond repair. 

Your Roof Always Leaks When It Rains

As a homeowner, you may also need a roof replacement if your roof always leaks when it rains. If the problem happens even after investing in regular repair and maintenance, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a roof replacement service because your roof's lifespan may be over. This issue may occur when your roof has several missing or damaged shingles, saggy sections, or broken flashing. It's not advisable to ignore a constantly leaking roof to prevent costly water damage to your valuables.

Your Roof Is Tilted to One Side or Sagging

It is advisable to perform a visual inspection of your roof regularly. If you notice that your aged roof is tilted to one side or sagging, it's advisable to have it examined and replaced by a professional before it collapses on you. You may experience this problem due to poor installation, weak frames, old age, or rotten internal roofing structures. 

As a homeowner, you shouldn't wait for your roof to collapse to hire a professional to examine and replace it. Delaying a roof replacement may cause a severe disaster in your home. Therefore, when you notice any of the above signs of damage, you should hire a certified roof replacement service as soon as possible. 

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