A Look At The Roof Installation Process When You Get A New Standing Seam Metal Roof

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If you want a roof that lasts a long time and looks nice on your home, you should consider a standing seam metal roof. These match all types of architecture, and they come in different colors, so you can find a color that blends in well with your exterior home colors. These roofs go on differently than asphalt shingles, so you may not know what's involved with the roof installation. Here's an overview of how a standing seam metal roof is installed.

Decide If You Want The Metal Roof As A Second Layer

Your roofing installation contractor might be able to install a metal roof over your old asphalt roof. However, it's essential to make sure the deck of the roof is in excellent condition first. A metal roof lasts for decades, but if you put it on a deck with water damage, the roof won't last very long.

For that reason, your contractor may recommend you tear off the old roofing materials first so the deck can be inspected and repaired if necessary.

Choose Underlayment And Apply It

Metal roofs need underlayment just like asphalt shingle roofs do. Your contractor may choose underlayment that self-adheres to the deck since these are easy to install and they provide good protection from the rain. However, there are different types of underlayment, and the roofer will consider your climate and the slope of your roof when deciding on the type to install.

Install The Metal Roofing Panels

The roofing panels come prefinished in the color of your choice. They are in standard sizes, so the roofer may need to cut the length to fit your roof. First, a lock strip is applied at the bottom and sides of the roof to hold the panels in place. A benefit of a standing seam roof is that the fasteners are hidden. This reduces the risk of leaks around screws and fasteners since they are covered by the panels on each side.

The metal panels are secured to the lock strips, screwed to the deck, and seamed together so they are held tight and stand up to strong winds. The roofer may use a mechanical seamer to roll along the standing seams to lock the panels in place. The top of the roof has a ridge cap installed that covers the gap between the tops of the metal panels so rain can't get inside the roof.

A metal roof installation is more complicated than installing an asphalt shingle roof, so it may take longer. However, when the roof is in place, it should protect your home for many years from dangers such as fire, hail, wind, and swaying tree branches.

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