Commercial Roof Replacement With Energy-Efficient Designs And Improvements

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If you are planning on replacing the roof of your business, there are a lot of improvements that can be made. Consider using materials that are lighter and more efficient. You can also add features to the roof of your business for efficiency and resources. The following commercial roof replacement information will give you some ideas for the best improvements for your property:

Thermal Layers Beneath Roofing

The thermal barriers of commercial roofing are some of the first areas to consider improvements. Today, there are options to add an extra layer of insulating materials beneath the finished roof surface. The first option to consider is using a rigid insulated decking material for the underlayment beneath the roofing. There are also options like spray foam insulation or spray foam roof coatings that can improve the efficiency of commercial buildings.

Efficient Commercial Roofing

You are also going to need to choose the right type of commercial roofing materials to install. For the conventional flat roofs, old asphalt materials can be replaced with a more modern membrane that is light-colored to reflect heat. There are also options like spray-on roof coatings, which can be a very efficient material. Lastly, there are lighter layered roofing systems that can be used to replace the roof of your business.

Add Renewable Energy to the Roof

There are several options to add renewable energy to a commercial roof design. One of the best options is to add solar energy systems to the roof design. Today, options like solar membranes can be a great alternative to conventional solar panels. If your business has more of a conventional sloped roof design, there are also solar roof tiles. In addition to the solar roofing materials, there are also options like vertical wind turbines that can be added to the rooftop to help add renewable energy to your business.

Turn Roof Watershed into Another Resource

One of the features that are going to be needed on your commercial roof design is drainage. The watershed is going to require drainage systems and pipes to be installed with the roofing, which can be connected to collection tanks. The water that you collect from the runoff of the roof can be used for things like irrigation for commercial landscaping or other tasks that require water.

These energy-efficient improvements that you may want to consider when replacing the roof of your business. Call a commercial roof replacement service to discuss some of these options for your project.

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