Roofing Options to Discuss With Your Contractor

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When it is time to replace your roof, you may want to make some changes. You will have to choose the new materials that are installed on your home and whether to make improvements to the roof design. These things can be done during a roof replacement to improve your home. The following roofing options are some of the things you may want to discuss with your contractor for your roof replacement:

Remodeling the Roof  

The roof of your home can also be remodeled during a replacement project. This process can include simple changes to the design that a skilled roofing contractor can make. A few options to consider include adding gables or architectural details to the design. You may also want to make some changes to the roof to reduce issues with wear and damage when the new materials are installed on your home.

Decking and Underlayments

The decking and underlayments are other areas where there are options for upgrades. First, you want to make sure there is not any damaged decking. If you have to replace decking materials, consider using more energy-efficient sheathing. In addition, a modern underlayment that provides an air barrier can help reduce energy loss. If you are doing something like a cool roof system, this can provide more energy benefits to your home.

Different Roofing Materials

You also have options for many different types of roofing materials. You should discuss options for the different shingles that can be installed on your home and other alternative materials. If you are installing materials like metal or tile, there may be extra work involved with the installation. This can make these materials more expensive, but they should last longer than asphalt shingles. So, ask your roofer about the best option for your home and your budget.

Other Improvements

When you are re-roofing your home, you may want to discuss additional work with your roofing contractor. They may be able to do things like installing chimney caps, adding roof vents, and replacing gutters while replacing the shingles. If the roofing contractor can't do the gutters, you may want to find services for these other improvements that will also protect your home. The roofing contractor should be able to at least install new roof vents for attic ventilation and chimney caps to protect the fireplace.

Roof replacement projects are a great opportunity for improvements to your home. Contact experienced roof contractors like those at iHome designs to discuss these options when you have your shingles replaced.

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