Less Obvious Signs That Could Indicate Roof Damage

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There are many signs that let you know your roof has suffered roof damage like wet spots and leaks. Some of these signs are obvious, while others are not so obvious. Some of the less obvious signs take a trained eye to see, but some can be noticeable if you know what you are looking for. Keep reading to learn a few of these signs.

Black Spots on Your Roof

Many homeowners will ignore certain signs of roof damage, such as black spots. Black spots often appear to be a common issue, and some homeowners shake it off like it is nothing. However, black spots on your roof can actually be dangerous and require the immediate attention of a professional roofing service. Ignoring or neglecting these black spots can lead to the damage worsening, potentially resulting in expanding mold and significantly large leaks.

Buckling Shingles

It is pretty easy to notice when you are missing shingle on your roof, but it is a bit less noticeable when you have a buckling shingle. While buckling shingles are easier to identify than some other types of roof damage, you are generally only able to detect buckling shingles when you are actually on the roof itself. Because of this, this particular form of roof damage goes unnoticed and overlooked. Therefore, to avoid the hazards that come with this type of roof damage, inspect your roof once per year (at minimum) or have a professional do so.

Whistling Sounds

Have you noticed that there are whistling sounds or unexplained airflow inside of your home? While it could be coming from an improperly sealed window, it could also be a sign of roof damage. Although normally small and persistent, roof damage that causes these issues can be hard to pinpoint without a thorough home inspection.

Animals on the Roof

If you have noticed that animals are running around on your roof more often than usual, this may indicate that you have roof damage. This may not seem like a sign of roof damage, but believe it or not, it is. The reason for this is because wild animals will look for ways to get inside of homes to stay warm and cozy during the winter or just a safe haven year-round. Therefore, an increasing number of wild animals roaming around your roof is a sign that they have found a way to get into your attic through your roof.

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