4 Reasons Most People Consider Asphalt Shingles When Installing a Roof

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Asphalt shingles have been the most popular roofing material in the country for many decades. Homeowners choose them over all the other materials in the market because they are versatile and can withstand harsh weather. When you get a competent roofing contractor to install the asphalt shingles on your house, you protect everything beneath the roof from weather damage. Here are four other reasons to consider asphalt shingles for your upcoming roofing installation project. 

You Get a Wide Design Variety

Every homeowner dreams that the architect and contractors they engage in home design will help set their home aside from others in the neighborhood. While shingles are commonplace, there is a wide selection of colors, textures, and other specifications. You can choose the regular grey shingles if you want the classic roof. 

Alternatively, you can select shingles that mimic slate and cedar shakes. The finishes give you the aesthetic benefits of these other materials. Different finishes match your ideal design, but with the strength and durability of shingles. 

Shingles Are Energy Efficient

The roof is very instrumental in your home's energy efficiency. Shingle manufacturers understand the importance of energy efficiency in roof design. That's why they include an underlayment that improves your home's insulation when manufacturing them. A properly installed shingle roof reduces the amount of heat lost from the house in the cold season and restricts heat absorption in the summer. 

Your energy bills will be easier to manage when you let experts handle the shingle roof installation. With a properly installed shingle roof, your heating and air conditioning system lasts longer because of the roof design. 

Shingles Will Serve You for Decades

The roof gets constant exposure to harsh weather conditions like sunshine, water, wind, and dust. Therefore, you need a strong roofing material that can easily withstand these elements to avoid weather damage. Asphalt shingles are a durable and suitable roofing material, especially if you experience harsh weather quite often. Superior quality shingles will perfectly withstand extreme weather conditions and incur minimal maintenance. 

You Get a Lightweight Roof

A heavy roof will need a lot of extra structural support to prevent caving in and other mishaps. Shingles are lightweight, which reduces the need for excessive support. In addition, the quality of the shingles makes them easy to install and also cost-friendly. The installation timeline also reduces when you do not have to create additional structural support for the weight.

You can only get the full benefits of installing a shingle roof when you hire a competent roofing contractor to handle the roofing installation process for you. With the roofer's help, you get a unique, robust, durable, and efficient shingle roof over your head. 

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