4 Reasons Siding Damages Require Prompt Siding Repairs

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The siding on your home can be thought of as a protective barrier. This is because intact siding can protect homes against damage. Without siding, homes with certain building materials might experience structural damage. Wood is an example of a building material that can get damaged by exposure to elements and pests. However, siding can help to prevent this damage. This is why it is imperative to get routine siding inspections, which can usually be performed on schedule with roofing inspections. Siding repairs should be performed as soon as damage is noted. The following points identify why siding repairs should not get postponed.

More Extensive Repairs

Ignoring most repair issues means that they will likely get worse. Siding is not any different in that respect. A small portion of damaged siding could easily be spot repaired without needing to remove large portions of the siding. However, neglecting to get the service performed could lead to more complex issues that may involve removing large portions of the siding to complete the siding repair.

Water Damage Risks

Damaged siding may allow water intrusion to occur. Certain insects may form habitats within the compromised siding. They can cause damage that might not be evident until it is in advanced stages. Water damaged building materials can be the ideal environment for mold to grow and may also lead to water leaks that can damage your home and valuable possessions. A simple siding repair that does not get fixed in time because of a homeowner's choice could result in a siding replacement and toxic mold cleanup being needed. 

Energy Efficiency 

Intact siding also provides insulation for homes. This can aid in keeping temperatures indoors comfortable. Your HVAC system may not need to work as hard to keep consistent temperatures. 

Aesthetics and Cost

Homes with severely damaged siding will not have curb appeal and could cause neighborly friction if surrounding homes are well-kept. The presence of mold and sometimes mildew and algae can create a disgusting appearance. These substances may also stain siding if they are not removed in a timely manner. Some signs of staining may become permanent and require a total siding replacement due to the extensive damage that prompt siding repairs could have prevented.

Certain weather conditions or events might prompt a need for siding repairs. Fire and severe weather conditions involving high winds can negatively impact siding. This can prompt a need even if it is not the time for your scheduled siding inspection. Keep in mind that some damage may not be obvious to you, but a contractor could locate it and implement a repair strategy to protect your home.

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